Explore the beauty and serenity of Maldives once travel restrictions ease

The Maldives is paradise on earth. Despite of being a small country in Asia, it is a dream destination for many as it has beaches of pure white sand, covered by palm trees and rich foliage. It is a perfect holiday spot for families, friends, businesses, celebrities, individuals and honeymooners.

However, the government of Maldives recently announced temporary suspension of tourist visa for travellers arriving from South Asian Countries, including India.

Commenting on the situation, Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed, MD, MMPRC said, “During this unprecedented time, we opened our border with stringent safety measures. However, keeping in mind the safety of our residents and travellers, the ministry recently had to announce the temporary suspension of tourist visas for those travelling from South Asia. The decision was taken to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of residents and visitors to the country. The ministry will review the situation by the end of May and are optimistic that there will be an ease in restrictions in June. We are working hard to ensure that the destination remains a ‘safe haven’ for all travellers once it re-opens for our valued South Asian travellers.“

Amidst the global pandemic, the Maldives gained a momentum and is recognised as a safe haven for traveller’s because of its unique geographically isolated islands and the popular ‘one island one resort’ concept.

Besides that, there are so many reasons to seek this sunny side of life- a divine opportunity for relaxation, secluded by a private island offering visitors the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the daily modern industrial life or a chance to arrive in the present moment and connect with oneself and nature or just to experience thrill and adventure.

For lovers of marine life, it is undoubtedly a slice of heaven. For one thing, the country is made up of hundreds of islands which offer an enormous playground for divers to explore. There are channels connecting the ocean to the lagoons and the water coming from the ocean is full of planktons and nutrients which, in turn, attract an incredible amount of marine life including manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles and so much more.

The under ocean experience in the country is truly unique with fully submerged underwater accommodation, dining and spa facilities positioned meters beneath the ocean surface. Instead of waking up to the sun, one can wake up to the colourful world of fishes and corals.

Visiting and photographing the amazingly picturesque and sinking coral atolls of the Maldives should definitely be in everyone’s travel bucket list. However, for now Maldives urge its Indian travellers to stay home and stay safe and follow all government guidelines while Maldives wait for their return!

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