Uttarakhand – state in the northern part of India. It is often referred to as the Devabhumi (literally: "Land of the Gods") due to many Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres found throughout the state. Uttarakhand is known for its natural environment of the Himalayas, the Bhabar and Terai.

Best Time to Visit

March to April and September to October are considered as the best time to visit Uttarakhand

Currency & Language

Currency: Indian Rupees

Official languages: Garhwali and Kumauni, Hindi

History & Culture

Uttarakhand was the ancient Puranic term for the central stretch of the Indian Himalayas. Its peaks and valleys were well known in ancient times as the abode of gods and goddesses and source of the Ganges River. Around 200 B.C Khas Aryan people entered the Himalayan range all the way from the Caucasus Mountains, Unlike Vedic Aryan who took southern, western, and eastern route, Khas Aryan took the whole new route of walking the northern route of the great Himalaya from the Caucasus Mountains of Europe to North-Western Himalayas. Today, it is often called "the Land of the Gods" (Devbhumi Uttrakhand) because of the presence of a multitude of Hindu pilgrimage spots. Uttarakhand is known as Devbhumi from ancient times. The Pauravas, Kushanas, Kunindas, Guptas, Katyuris, Palas, the Chands, and Parmars or Panwars, Shahs and the British have ruled Uttarakhand in turns.

The culture of Uttarakhand still revolves around its traditional ethics, moral values, the simplicity of nature and a rich mythology. People are divided into regions and are thus better recognized as Kumaoni (Inhabitants of Kumaon Region) and Garhwali (Inhabitants of Garhwal Region).

Weather and Climate

From November to March the days are cool and clear and visibility is at its best in the mountains. Nights can be cold in midwinter (December to February) - sometimes as low as 5C in higher areas. April and May are warmer months with hazy conditions, building in humidity until the monsoon arrives in late June. The rain lasts until September, making travel to the more remote villages in Kumaon difficult.

Visa Gide

Citizens of most countries, including the United States, need a visa to visit India which should be arranged in advance. Full details can be found at The Government of India website (http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/). Citizens of Nepal and Bhutan do not need a visa, while some nationalities may get them upon arrival.


We would recommend hiring a car with a driver as the best way to see the country. It's cheaper than hiring a self-drive car, and the drivers usually arrange their own accommodation and food. Travelling by bus is a cheap way to get around, but they can be very overcrowded and uncomfortable. BY TAXI: There are taxi-cars, with or without air conditioning, and a large number of auto-rickshaws on the roads. Fares are cheap with various small extras. There are taxi-cars, with or without air conditioning, and a large number of auto-rickshaws on the roads. Fares are cheap with various small extras. Some drivers try to stop off at shops where they get commissions on your purchases, while others fend off all touts and take you straight to your destination. Uttarakhand has good rail links with Delhi and elsewhere in India - see below or visit Seat 61 for a beginner's guide. See Indian Rail for schedules.

Pre-Trip Preparation

Before you leave on your holiday, there are at least four health-related things you should do. Please check the handbook for specifics, but for now, here’s the short list:

Step 1: Check with the CDC for their recommendations for the countries you’ll be visiting.

Step 2: Have a medical checkup with your doctor.

Step 3: Pick up any necessary medications, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Step 4: Have a dental and/or eye checkup. (Recommended, but less important than steps 1-3.)

We recommend avoiding packing any plastic bags in your luggage before flying to Kenya. You should also remove any items purchased at departure airports from their bags before boarding. Double check your luggage before disembarking in Kenya and leave any plastic bags on the plane.

Do & Don'ts

Start the journey early in the morning.

Prepare the time schedule based on the conditions there.

While travelling in country side of Uttarakhand , travel in groups.

Equip with proper winter wear.

Be prepared incase you have altitude sickness as you will be travelling on high altitude for longer times .

CharDhams are closed for 6 months . So make sure the Dhams are open if you are planning to travel there.

ry not to take a great deal of money with you: There are numerous ATM's of every real bank in Mussoorie.

Driving in sloping range is hazardous, dependably keep control of your speed particularly in the bends if conceivable benefit administrations of a driver.

In Hilly street please dont assume control frame the wrong side as its is extremely unsafe.

Mussoorie has a colossal scope of climate conditions, as it can be to a great extent warm and hot in summer (day time), and mellow to lovely frosty in winters. Like any slope station Mussoorie, encounters unusual and sudden changes in climate. Do check the sort of attire and other hardware you may require for the season you are going by.

Continuously keep your Identity Card to maintain a strategic distance from hasselment in inns. and so on.

Do attempt to make tracks in an opposite direction from the cabs/autos, Use vehicles to a base. Mussoorie is wild and debilitating, at the end of the day sheltered and energizing and known for its salubrious atmosphere and grand excellence. Simply walk. Some of your best encounters will come at unexpected turns.

Try not to energize poor people and dependably beaware of outsiders.

While on Hills/Hill slants and forests trekking avoid throwing cigarette buts on leaf litter as they are an imperative reason for woods fires.

Try not to stop auto on the Mall Road. Shopping center Road is a No Parking region. Infringement of this confinement is an offense.

Arrange all litter carefully. The utilization of Plastic Polythene Bags is banned.

Keep away from loud music and clamor.

Do regard individuals' security while taking photos. Request earlier consent before taking a photo.

While making a trip to high Hills dependably convey Camera, goggles and Sun screen lotion (Binoculars are discretionary).

Do experience the fantasy, unwind and make the most of your time in Mussoorie.

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